Emergency beacons
1. ARB is installed on the open deck and should automatically turn on after a free ascent. When diving to a depth of about 4 meters, a special device controlled by a hydrostat releases a buoy.
2. ARB must have a manual switch. In this case, remote activation may be provided from the navigating bridge, when the ARB is installed in the device ensuring its free ascent.
3. The ARB should be equipped with a floating line, suitable for use as a tugboat, and a light bulb that automatically turns on at night.
4. ARB must withstand dropping into the water without damage from a height of 20 meters.
5. The power source must have sufficient capacity to ensure operation of the ARB for at least 48 hours.
6. On the outer side of the case of the ARB, a brief instruction manual and the date of expiry of the battery life are indicated.
7. The ARB must have a function test.
8. ARB should be resistant to seawater and oil.
9. ARB should be clearly visible yellow / orange color and have a strip of retroreflective material.
10. ARB should be easily operated by untrained personnel.
11. ARB must be equipped with appropriate means of protection against unauthorized activation.